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Trading Spaces » Support Captain Marvel » Ten Ways To Support Captain Marvel

» Ten Ways To Support Captain Marvel

1. Read Ultimate Spiderman and Ultimate X-Men for free at Use your extra cash to support Captain Marvel!

2. Call your local comic shop and ask if they have any Captain Marvel comics. If they say no, ask them to please order more next month.

3. Design a website devoted to the character.

4. Spread the word! Order an extra copy of Captain Marvel and give it to your neighbour, friend, a childrens hospital, etc in the hopes that someone new likes it and buys the book themselves.

5. Use the nifty picture at the left in your personal signature in your message board posts, emails, and on your websites to make others aware of the character.

6. Write a letter to Marvel and ask for more merchandise on the character, t-shirts, posters, etc.

7. Purchase 2 extra copies of CM and put the extra ones in the pull boxes of people who don't currently read CM.

8. Buy an add in WIZARD Magazine.

9. Get a Captain Marvel tattoo! (Suggestions include the CM logo, the star on his costume, "Orange Comics", or Moondragon's own stylish dragon tattoo).

10. Write a review for a magazine or website of the latest issue and spread the word!

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