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Trading Spaces » Supporting Cast » Lorraine

» Lorraine

Appeared in: Issues #2 - 6, 8, 9, 11 - 13, 15, 17, 18, 20 - 25, 27 - 30, 32

An actress who believed that she didn't get the credit she was due, she was starring in a sham mockumentary with Marlo in the Canadian woods. Here she was killed by the director, Larry, so that he could become the Wendigo.

Shortly afterwards, she began appearing to Marlo as a ghost. The reason was that Thanos had hidden Death in Marlo's body to protect her from Walker. Anyone that had died near Marlo would be drawn to her. After Walker attacked Marlo, Lorraine clocked him but was supposedly erased from existence by him.

Later, she washed up on Laguna Beach, where much to her delight, she was alive and well. None of her family or friends believed her when she told them that she was really her. She met up with Jackie Shorr, who offered her a ride to her parents' house but Jackie killed her along the way.

She appeared to Marlo once again, and later on, to Rick for a short while after Marlo had said "I wish you'd bother someone else for half a minute!" Lorraine thought she had figured it out but when she asked Marlo to wish her alive it didn't work (Moondragon later revealed it to be the "Death Wish"). She can now be seen by Moondragon as well, after Moondragon copied the part of Marlo's brain that allows her to see Lorraine to her own brain.

Important Events

  • First appearance in Captain Marvel vol. 3. (Issue #2)
  • Killed by Lorenzo. (Issue #2)
  • First appears to Marlo as a ghost. (Issue #4)
  • Connection to Marlo revealed. (Issue #18)
  • Supposedly destroyed by Walker. (Issue #18)
  • Washes up on a beach, alive and well. (Issue #20)
  • None of her family or friends believe that she's alive again. (Issues #21, 22)
  • Killed by Jackie Shorr. (Issue #23)
  • Appears to Marlo as a ghost again. (Issue #24)
  • Appears briefly to Rick as a ghost. (Issue #27)
  • Moondragon is able to see and talk to her. (Issue #32)

    Last updated on June 27, 2002.

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