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Trading Spaces » Supporting Cast » Moondragon

» Moondragon

Real Name: Heather Douglas
Appeared in: Issues #1 - 11, 15, 20 - 25, 31, 32

A former Avenger with vast telepathic powers, she came to Earth to help Genis control his comsic awareness. After Genis met an alternate version of his father, he kissed her although nothing has happened between the two since. Anywho, it turns out that she had placed psychic dampers in Genis' head (without his knowledge) to prevent him from going nuts, and has started to remove them slowly.

Recently, she asked to live with Marlo in her LA apartment in order to keep Marlo's "Death Wish" (she can reorder reality by wishing it unconsciously) under control. Unfortunately, Marlo wished herself to death but Heather was able to save her and explain the situation to her. She can now see Lorraine as well, after copying the part of Marlo's brain that allows her to see Lorraine to her own brain. Oh yeah, her and Marlo kissed and she thinks that Marlo's hot.

Important Events

  • First appearance in Captain Marvel vol. 3. (Issue #1)
  • Her father, Drax, arrives on Earth. (Issue #3)
  • Informs Rick that she's there to help Genis control his cosmic awareness. (Issue #4)
  • Drax informs her that he's staying in the Microverse. (Issue #7)
  • Kissed by Genis. (Issue #11)
  • Informs Genis that she placed psychic dampers in his head to help out with his cosmic awareness. (Issue #20)
  • Asks to live with Marlo. (Issue #23)
  • Saves Marlo's life and informs her that she possesses the "Death Wish." (Issue #31)
  • Her and Marlo kiss. (Issue #32)

    Last updated on June 27, 2002.

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