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12 / 08 / 02

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  • -- A Captain Marvel website --

    Welcome to Trading Spaces! This is a site devoted to everyone's favorite half-Kree Captain Marvel, who appears in the monthly title Captain Marvel published by Marvel Comics. Each month he strives to fulfill his never-ending quest; to seek out and eliminate those forces which threaten the Universe! If you have any questions about the site or Captain Marvel why not check out the FAQ. And if that doesn't answer your question get in touch with me.

    » U-DECIDE Sales Chart

    Captain Marvel #1 26 53,248 --
    #2 50 31,906 --
    #3 84 24,536 --
    #3 (Ross)** 141 14,041 --
    #4 58 30,439 154,170
    Marville #1 (foil)* 79 25,451 --
    #1* 85 24,623 --
    #2 66 27,270 --
    #3 99 21,494 --
    #4 113 17,266 116,104
    Ult. Adventures #1 46 35,170 --
    #2 59 28,412 --
    #3 81 25,097 --
    #4 71 27,365 116,044

    * Marville #1 had two listings - one each for the regular and foil variant covers.
    ** Captain Marvel #3 had two listings - one each for the regular and Alex Ross editions.

    » Recent News and Updates

    Couple updates

    December 7, 2002 @ 3:27 PM AST

    Well, I'm finally starting to get things back on track. I've added four cover scans and I hope to have some image scans from volume 4 up sometime this week. I'm also going to get some more work done on the database section over my Christmas break.

    Here we go again...

    October 29, 2002 @ 10:53 PM ADT

    I really meant to have the review up of CM #1 by that weekend in September. No, seriously, I did. But, things have been incredibly hectic since school started. I'm taking an extra course this term, and on top of that I had about 10 medical school applications to get sent out. As for the reviews section, there are enough sites out there that write them, so I'm going to make the summaries more in-depth instead and remove the reviews when I have a chance. I'm hoping to have some scans up and get caught up on some other sections by next week sometime but it all depends on how my schedule is.

    Captain Marvel #1

    September 18, 2002 @ 10:42 PM ADT

    Well, I picked up my copy this afternoon. I was going to get the ChrisCross cover but the Alex Ross one was too damn cool. Not that the others weren't, I just liked this one the best. Anywho, the story was fantastic and the art looked terrific throughout the vast majority of the book. However - SPOILERS AHEAD! - it was somewhat confusing in the scene where Genis first meets the dying alien. But other than that minor quibble, this was one heckuva great issue, and my favorite so far.

    U-DECIDE reviews

    September 18, 2002 @ 3:03 PM ADT

    Potential spoilers found in linked sites
    Well, today's the day that Marville #1, Ult. Adventures #1 and, of course, Captain Marvel #1 are released to comic stores. If you haven't already picked them up Silver Bullet Comics has some comments about CM 31 as well as some preview art. Also, has reviews for all three U-DECIDE titles with both Randy and Don giving CM #1 the highest rating out of all three.

    I'll be picking up my copy after classes end tonight so I might post a few comments then. And I'll try to have a formal review up by the weekend along with some scans.


    September 4, 2002 @ 5:50 PM ADT

    The numbers that I recently put up for the sales and the U-DECIDE info were wrong; they were the dollar values, not the actual quantity of comics sold. The situation has now been rectified however.

    CM vol. 4 #1 info

    September 2, 2002 @ 11:55 AM ADT

    X-Fan has some Marvel news from Dragon*Con, including some on Captain Marvel. Issue #1 features the same story that would've appeared in issue #36 if this U-DECIDE stunt hadn't occurred, in which Genis goes insane from his cosmic awareness. Issue #2 will indeed feature the Punisher and Thor will be appearing in #7. Click here for the full story.

    U-DECIDE sales info

    August 30, 2002 @ 9:02 PM ADT

    I haven't had as much time to work on the site as I would've liked but I did manage to get the first couple projects for the Humor section up a couple weeks back. Two of the sections I'm working on require quite a bit of research so I don't know when I'll have them up. Anywho, I've updated the Sales Chart and as you've no doubt noticed, added info for the three titles participating in the U-DECIDE stunt up above. Ta ta.

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