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Trading Spaces » Previews

» Previews


Captain Marvel #34
Cover By ChrisCross
Peter David / ChrisCross / Rich Perrota

As Captain Marvel squares off for the final showdown with the Magus, Rick Jones and Marlo face a most unexpected peril in the Microverse... while Moondragon faces her worst nightmare!


Captain Marvel #35
Cover by Udon
Peter David / TBD

It's the last issue! Well, the last issue before next month's big relaunch!


Captain Marvel #1
Covers by ChrisCross, Joe Jusko and Alex Ross
Peter David / ChrisCross

A new-reader-friendly beginning for Marvel's best-reviewed book! Okay, you know CAPTAIN MARVEL is one of the most critically acclaimed titles in the entire industry -- and now Peter David and ChrisCross invite you to find out why! Big changes are coming for the son of Mar-Vell, and you can get in on the ground floor right here... when Cap goes crazy!

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