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» Avengers Forever

Avengers Forever was a twelve issue mini series by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino, not to mention a kick-ass story. The current Captain Marvel series spun-off from it and explains the current situation between Rick Jones and Captain Marvel.

So what exactly happens? Well, Rick Jones is attacked by an agent of Immortus (the Master of Time) but then he is stopped by Immortus' younger self, Kang the Conqueror. The Supreme Intelligence and Libra then re-awaken the Destiny Force within Rick. Seven Avengers from the time-stream are summoned to protect him; Captain America, Hawkeye, and Yellowjacket from the past; Giant Man and the Wasp from the present; and Songbird and Captain Marvel from the future.

The Avengers then head for Kang's city, Chronopolis, where he is under attack from Immortus. Immortus is able to retrieve the Forever Crystal which will give him control over the time-stream, Kang escapes to Purgatory, and the Avengers escape in a Sphinx to outside the time-stream.

So then the Avengers split up and travel to various times (the Old West, the 1950s and the near future) to try and figure out Immortus' plans. They finally decide to head to his stonghold Limbo, where Yellowjacket is captured, and seemingly betrays the team.

The Avengers are taken to Immortus' bosses the Time Keepers at the end of time. Here we learn that Immortus was trying to keep humanity contained to Earth to prevent their being wiped out of existence by the Time Keepers (who themselves were fearful of humanity and the Destiny Force because in almost half of the time-lines humanity became corrupt and evil).

Anywho, Kang, Rick and the Supreme Intelligence show up to save the day, Immortus is killed by the Time Keepers, and they start to turn Kang into Immortus. Then they decide to use the Forever Crystal to erase all the time- lines where humanity has become evil. Capain Marvel switches places with an older Rick, the two Ricks use the Destiny Force to recruit help from good Avengers and a huge-ass battle ensues (during which Rick is severely injured).

In the end Kang remains as himself, the Time Keepers are killed, a new Immortus is revealed and the Forever Crystal is seemingly destroyed by Captain America. Captain Marvel molecularly bonds himself to Rick to save his life and everyone is returned to their proper times.

In the present, Rick notices he's wearing the Nega bands and instinctively bangs them together. Because of a temporal flux, the present-day Genis-Vell replaces Rick, much to his disappointment.

So that's Avengers Forever. I'd definitely recommend picking it up (it's available in trade paperback form now) since this plot summary doesn't even come close to doing it justice.

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