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Trading Spaces » Biography

» Biography

Real Name: Genis-Vell
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond; white when cosmically aware
First Appearance: Silver Surfer Annual #6

History: After the first Captain Marvel died, his lover Elysius used his genetic structure along with her own to conceive a child; Genis-Vell. He was artificially aged to maturity and implanted with false memories to protect him from his father's enemies.

After discovering his true identity he christened himself Legacy and began wearing the Nega-Bands. Later, he took the title Captain Marvel, after Photon (who was then using the name) passed it on to him.

At the climax of the Destiny War, he was unwillingly merged with Rick Jones by his future self, which triggered his latent Cosmic Awareness. He is still naive in the ways of the world, so he relies on Rick for help. The two have shared many adventures since then, and only time will tell what will happen next.

Future: In Avengers Forever, some interesting tidbits about his (possible) future were revealed; he will become involved romantically with Songbird and the two of them will join the Avengers (although he'll join after she does). This is taken one step further in issue #19 when we see that he marries Songbird and they have two children (Mimi and Ely), his mother is alive once again, and that he'll apparently be responsible for Songbird's death.

Important Events

  • First appearance in Captain Marvel vol. 3. (Issue #0)
  • Drax breaks his null-field, learn Rick and Genis switch places between the real universe and the Microverse, not the Negative Zone. (Issues #4, 5)
  • Meets up with alternate reality version of his father and kisses Moondragon. (Issue #11)
  • Battles Zey-Rogg, son of his father's enemy Zon-Rogg. (Issues #12, 13)
  • Shares some quality time with Rick. (Issue #14)
  • Meets up with his evil twin clone future self from an alternate reality, Fredd. (Issues #15, 16)
  • Sees glimpses of his possible future. (Issue #19)
  • Informed by Moondragon that she placed psychic dampers in his head to help out with his cosmic awareness. (Issue #20)
  • Takes Rick to the Supreme Intelligence to help him out. (Issue #22)
  • His uncle Starfox gives him a device to give him and Rick some privacy when they're, well, you know. (Issue #32)

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