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Trading Spaces » Powers

» Powers

Here you'll find a list - and brief explanation - of the powers that Captain Marvel has shown thus far.

  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Energy-to-Mass Conversion
  • Flight
  • Illusions
  • Nega-Bands
  • Photonic Energy
  • Resiliency
  • Spatial Aperture
  • Super Strength
  • Telepathy
  • Vectoring
  • Cosmic Awareness

    Source: Physical Ability

    Allows Captain Marvel to sense danger on a universal level. As a result, he can perceive objects and individuals, the presence of beings, and cosmic threats cloaked by invisibility or illusions throughout the universe. He has little control over it but is learning to control it with the help of Moondragon.

    Energy-to-Mass Conversion

    Source: Physical Ability and Nega-Bands

    Not really an ability of his, after he was turned into energy by Psycho-Man the Nega-Bands helped him pull himself together.


    Source: Nega-Bands

    Pretty self-explanatory; he can fly and travel at high speeds, even in outer space.


    Source: Nega-Bands

    Captain Marvel is able to manipulate light and project it as illusions.


    Source: Nega-Bands (duh!)

    The Nega-Bands convert psionic energy stored within Captain Marvel's cells into increased strength, grant him increased resilience, the power of flight, the ability to fire beams of energy from the bands, and the ability to survive unprotected in space. They also allow Captain Marvel and Rick Jones to switch places between the Microverse and the regular universe.

    Photonic Energy

    Source: Physical Ability and Nega-Bands

    Captain Marvel can absorb and channel cosmic energy stored in specialized enclaves within his cells. The Nega-Bands allow him to fire it off as energy beams, to use it to form protective shields, or many other abilites. (See the Nega-Bands entry.)


    Source: Nega-Bands

    The Nega-Bands grant Captain Marvel increased resilience and the ability to survive, unprotected, in outer space. He can also breathe in environments that contain no oxygen.

    Spatial Aperture

    Source: Nega-Bands

    Captain Marvel was able to generate a hole between the Negative Zone and the real universe. It kept whatever was trapped within the aperture in a stasis field between the two dimensions. If it was a person, they would be unable to move, but could talk and listen. It is unknown whether he still posesses this ability since he now has a connection to the Microverse (due to the actions of Kelly).

    Super Strength

    Source: Nega-Bands

    The Nega-Bands convert can convert cosmic energy into increased strength, allowing him to lift roughly 15 tons under optimal conditions.


    Source: Physical Ability

    Captain Marvel and Rick can communicate with each other telepathically. They can also see what the other person is seeing through their eyes.


    Source: Physical Ability

    Performed by focusing on a particular star, tracking into the light to use it as a guide and travelling beyond its speed. Adjustments have to be made, otherwise he'd track the light back to its source and end up in the past.

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