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Trading Spaces » Issue Database » Captain Marvel vol. 3 #26 - 30

» Captain Marvel vol. 3 #26 - 30


Rating: 10 / 10
Full Credits
"Quiet Miracles"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Leonard Kirk
Inks: Robin Riggs

Brief Synopsis: Down on his luck after having one of the Nega-Bands stolen from him, Rick delivers the baby of a homeless woman who's boyfriend is the mugger. He returns the Nega-Band to Rick, Rick switches with Genis and he takes them all to a homeless shelter. At Marlo's apartment when Genis switches back, something happens and Rick is a young man again with two arms.

Comments: This was a very touching and heartfelt story, and exemplified what "Silent Month" was meant to be. David provided a powerful plot touching on the Christmas theme, and Leonard Kirk delivered on the artwork side. The plot provided in the back wasn't even necessary, Kirk's storytelling was that good. The page with Rick and all the people in his life was terrific, as was the following one. And even though there were no words, David still got a couple funny scenes in there. One of the best issues of the series so far, if not THE best issue.


Rating: 9 / 10
Full Credits
"Outfoxed" (Time Flies Pt. 1)
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: ChrisCross
Inks: Anibal Rodriguez

Brief Synopsis: Starfox is attacked by Thanatos prompting him to search for the now much happier Rick Jones. Marlo does something she shouldn't sending Captain Marvel and Starfox to the world of 2099.

Comments: Payoff and an interesting plot are on the table for CM #27. David gives us a pretty big hint about what's going on with the Marlo / Lorraine situation, we get to see Marlo and Rick truly happy for the first time this series (especially Marlo ;)), plus the whole time-travel / Thanatos plot, which is the driving force behind this issue.

ChrisCross' artwork just keeps on getting better and better. The new look for Rick, the facial expressions and his storytelling are all fantastic. Top that off with colors that jump right out of the page at you, stellar inking, and you have probably the best looking book on the market today.

And what would Captain Marvel be without humor? Genis' reaction to Rick and Marlo's "activities", Rick and Marlo's talk in the car, and the fact that there's a temporal vortex in a toilet are all damn funny.

My only complaints? 1) The cover just didn't work for me; I know it's supposed to part of a "kewl" 4-piece scene but it's not to my liking. And 2) a little more exposition about Starfox would've been nice. The only other time I've seen him was when he appeared several issues ago, and I have no idea about his history.

After wrapping up the "old Rick Jones" plot last issue we're headed in a new, and very interesting, direction this ish. Even moreso than usual, I can't wait till the next one.


Rating: 7.5 / 10
Full Credits
"So Tonight We're Gonna Party Like it's 2099!" (Time Flies Pt. 2)
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Chris Batista
Inks: Rich Perotta

Brief Synopsis: Captain Marvel and Starfox follow Spider-Man around the year 2099 where we learn of Thanatos' motives. In the present, Lorraine figures something out and Jackie Shorr stops by the comics shop.

Comments: "Time Flies" keeps rolling along, and while I don't really have any particular interest in the 2099 characters, Peter David does a good job of introducing them to us. The plot gets cleared up somewhat (although at a slow pace, but I suppose time is needed to introduce the 2099 people), and ,as always, one-liners are liberally sprinkled throughout the story.

Chris Batista's artwork is very similar to ChrisCross', and he makes for a good fill-in artist. He captures the varied facial expressions almost as well as ChrisCross does but - maybe it's just me here - sometimes heads don't seem to fit with their bodies (see CM's on page four).

The absence of ChrisCross' artwork, coupled with my lack of interest in 2099, means this issue gets the weakest grade from me in a while. However, it's still a good read and I'd recommend checking it out.


Rating: 7.5 / 10
Full Credits
"Future Shares" (Time Flies Pt. 3)

Writer: Peter David
Pencils: ChrisCross
Inks: Anibal Rodriguez

Brief Synopsis: Starfox, Genis and Spider-Man all head to Alchemax where they are flung by Thanatos into the Maestro's timeline. Here, Rick Jones runs into a much older version of himself and a startling revelation is made. (dun-dun-dun!)

Comments: After Chris Batista last issue (who was no slouch himself), it's definitely good to have ChrisCross back on the artwork chores. Everything just seems so much more, well... better looking. I really liked the page with Genis' "Knock knock" line as well as the last page. David's like it or love it humor is ever-present and a couple of the jokes didn't really do anything for me (especially the "We know jack" one). However, I am beginning to tire of the 2099 characters, and for a story titled "Time Flies" the pacing sure as heck isn't. It was still an interesting read though and should hopefully finish off on a positive note next issue.


Full Credits
"Jonesing" (Time Flies Pt. 4)
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: ChrisCross
Inks: Anibal Rodriguez & Rich Perotta

Brief Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Comments: Coming Soon!

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