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Trading Spaces » Humor » Pickup Lines

» Pickup Lines

Wanna hook up with a Captain Marvel character? Then try some of these lines.

To Captain Marvel

"Super-strength? Let's see if you can pick me up?"

"You're an alien? Then probe me big boy."

"Can I see if ALL of you turns starry?"

"That spandex must be really tight. Can I take it off you?"

"Is your hair white anywhere else?"

"Is it true what they say about 'Like Father like Son'?"

To Captain Marvel or Rick

"Is that a Nega-Band in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

"I love a man who wears jewelry."

"Is it true that you and Rick are a package deal?"

"Have any OTHER jewels... ah, jewelry?"

"Two people in one? Does the term 'menage a trois' mean anything to you?"

"Anything else you like to bang besides those bands?"

To Lorraine

"Y'know, I've never kissed a dead woman"

"Ugly women make me hot."

"Let's see if I can liven you up."

To Moondragon

"Can I rub your head for good luck?"

"What else do you shave?"

"I like a woman with attitude."

To Bill Jemas

"Foil covers are cool."

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