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Trading Spaces » Supporting Cast » Marlo Chandler-Jones

» Marlo Chandler-Jones

Appeared in: Issues #0 - 6, 8, 9, 11 - 13, 15 - 32

Marlo first met Rick after she dated the Grey Hulk for a time. The two fell in love and were eventually married but after Rick was paralyzed and began feeling sorry for himself, she left him.

She was later offered an acting job in a sham mockumentary with Lorraine in the Canadian woods. Here Lorraine was killed by the director, Larry, so that he could become the Wendigo. Shortly afterwards, Lorraine began appearing to Marlo as a ghost. The reason was that Thanos had hidden Death in Marlo's body to protect her from Walker. Anyone that had died near Marlo would be drawn to her. When Walker was aging Rick, she revealed herself and destroyed Walker. She has since left Marlo's body.

Since the battle with Walker Rick was feeling extremely sorry for himself, which began to put a strain on their relationship once again. Luckily, Rick was miraculously returned to his normal age and their relationship is (seemingly) better than ever.

Marlo now possesses the "Death Wish", in that whenever she says something starting with "I wish" and unconsciuosly means it, it happens. When Marlo wished herself to death Heather was able to save her and explain the situation to her. She is no longer alone in being able to see Lorraine, after Moondragon copied the part of Marlo's brain that allows her to see Lorraine to her own brain. Oh yeah, her and Moondragon kissed and she thinks that Marlo's hot which has caused some problems for Rick and Marlo on their getaway.

Important Events

  • First appearance in Captain Marvel vol. 3. (Issue #0)
  • Asked to appear in a mockumentary by Larry. (Issue #1)
  • Lorraine first appears to Marlo as a ghost. (Issue #4)
  • Rick reveals his current situation to her. (Issue #8)
  • Al informs her of their new competition, the Comic Book Castle. (Issue #9)
  • Thanos reveals that Death resides within her. (Issue #17)
  • Lorraine's connection to Marlo revealed. (Issue #18)
  • Moondragon shows up after she says "I wish I had a friend or two to talk to." (Issue #22)
  • Moondragon asks to live with her. (Issue #23)
  • Lorraine appears to Marlo as a ghost again after she says "I wish someone was around her who understood that!" (Issue #24)
  • Lorraine appears briefly to Rick as a ghost after Marlo says "I wish you'd bother someone else for half a minute!" (Issue #27)
  • Inadvertently wishes herself dead. (Issue #30)
  • Moondragon saves her life and informs her that she possesses the "Death Wish." (Issue #31)
  • Her and Moondragon kiss. (Issue #32)

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