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Trading Spaces » Supporting Cast » Rick Jones

» Rick Jones

Appeared in: Issues #0 - 30, 32

Rick Jones has been tied to some of the biggest events to take place on Earth and in the universe. He was inadvertently responsible for the creation of the Hulk, helped form the Avengers, was a sidekick to Captain America, was molecularly bonded to the original Captain Marvel, and was the first human to exhibit the Destiny Force.

His life became entwined with Genis' during the Destiny War when he was severly injured and a future Genis had to merge himself with Rick in order to save his life. When Rick returned to the present he was bonded with the current-day Captain Marvel.

At first neither Rick nor Genis were happy with their situation but they're learning to live with it. Actually, thanks to Genis, Marlo and him have gotten back together. He was turned old and lost an arm in a battle with the death god Walker, and became filled with extreme self-pity. He was seemingly returned to his normal age by the Supreme Intelligence, but prefers to think of it as a miracle, and has taken a new outlook on life.

He was then transported to two possible futures where he met two versions of himself. A middle-aged power-hungry Rick who called himself Thanatos and wanted to become the template for all Rick Jones throughout the multiverse; and an elderly Rick who had collected tons of superhero memorabilia. The elderly Rick, using Thor's hammer and the Destiny Force, was able to defeat Thanatos, and turned him into a brick.

Rick and Genis were returned to the present and, thanks to a device Starfox gave Genis, he can now have some quality alone time with Marlo without having to worry about Genis seeing (and vice-versa). Him and Marlo are now on a planet in the Microverse but due to her situation with Moondragon, things haven't gone exactly as planned.

Important Events

  • First appearance in Captain Marvel vol. 3. (Issue #0)
  • Reveals his current situation to Marlo. (Issue #8)
  • Shares some quality time with Genis. (Issue #14)
  • Turned old, loses arm. (Issue #18)
  • Genis takes him to the Supreme Intelligence to help him out. (Issue #22)
  • The Intelligence's cure apparently doesn't work. (Issue #25)
  • Returns to normal age and gets arm back. (Issue #26)
  • New hairdo and attitude toward life. (Issue #27)
  • Meets older self, the Collector, and learns Thanatos is another older version of himself. (Issue #29)
  • Can have some quality alone time with Marlo thanks to a device Starfox gave Genis. (Issue #32)

    Last updated on June 27, 2002.

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