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Glib Arkanian | Benny | Blastarr | Jordan Boone | Bug | Burstarr | Alternate Captain Marvel I | The Collector | Comet Man | Death | Dexam | Drax the Destroyer | Elysius | Fredd

Glib Arkanian

Appeared in: Issue #32

An old friend of Genis' from the city of Halvacenter, he ran one of Genis' favorite bars. He's there when Zoog informs Genis that Steck'ee is apparently dead.


Appeared in: Issue #7

Comet Man's son, he was subjected to experiments and ended up with some fantastical abilities. He escaped from his captors, and met up with Kelly in Los Angeles. At this time Captain Marvel became aware of him and was convinced that Benny would somehow bring about a catastrophic event. Also at this time, Benny's father returned and fought with Genis over the fate of the boy. Genis agreed to let them both go, and presumably, they're both back in space.


Appeared in: Issues #24, 25

The deposed, and very hostile, ruler of a planet called Baluur in the Negative Zone. Captain Marvel ran into him when he was collecting the radiation from a star which Blastarr claimed ownership over. He let his pride get in his way, and was defeated by his own son, Burstarr.

Jordan Boone

Appeared in: Issues #28, 29 (both future)

A chief scientist at Alchemax Corporation, he's responsible for pulling the time platform out of virtual unreality which attracts Thanatos.


Appeared in: Issues #6, 7, 12, 15, 16

The wise-guy of the Microns, they met up with Captain Marvel when Visalia fooled Drax into working for her. The Microns next met up with Genis when Psycho-Man used Drax to release Fredd.


Appeared in: Issues #24, 25

The son of Blastarr, Captain Marvel ran into him when he was collecting the radiation from a star which Burstarr claimed ownership over. While Captain Marvel and his father were fighting, Una-Rogg got the better of him, but his father wouldn't sacrifice his pride to save his son. In his anger at this revelation, he attacked his father allowing Genis and Una to escape. He then left the Negative Zone and allied himself with the Ruul.

Alternate Captain Marvel I

Appeared in: Issue #11

The original Captain Marvel in his universe, he met Genis when Genis fell through a rift created by Kelly. The two shared some touching moments but Mar-vell never had the heart to tell Genis one thing; that he had failed to completely stop Thanos, in that Thanos had wiped out all life in the Milky Way but not the universe. He died of cancer alone, but not fogotten.

The Collector

Appeared in: Issues #29, 30 (both future)

A possible future self of Rick, he exists in the same timeline as the Maestro. Using Thor's hammer and the Destiny Force, he was able to defeat Thanatos, and turned him into a brick.

Comet Man

Appeared in: Issue #7

Granted superhuman powers when he encountered Halley's Comet, Stephen Beckley returned to Earth searching for his son Benny; whom he found in Los Angeles. Convinced that Benny would somehow bring about a catastrophic event, Captain Marvel fought with Comet Man until Genis agreed to let them both go. Presumably, they're both back in space.


Appeared in: Issues #17, 18

The personification of Death, she was smitten by the death god Walker but turned her back on him shortly afterwards. This ticked him off, and he decided to destroy her. She hid herself in Marlo at Thanos' request. When Walker was aging Rick, she revealed herself and destroyed Walker. She has since left Marlo's body.


Appeared in: Issue #6

A former member of the Microns, he betrayed the team and was working with his lover Visalia to take control of a planet. They were fooled by Marionette and left to the mercy of the people they deceived.

Drax the Destroyer

Appeared in: Issues #3 - 7, 12, 13, 15

A former real estate agent, Arthur Douglas was transformed into Drax the Destroyer by the Titanian Mentor. In a battle with Captain Marvel, he was transported to the Microverse along with Genis when he accidentally slams the Nega-Bands together. There he was used by a woman named Visalia but later joined the Microns. More recently, he was used by the Psycho-Man and ended up freeing Fredd, an evil version of Genis from an alternate reality. He has since returned to the Microns.


Appeared in: Issues #19 (future), 32

Genis's mother who used "Titanian super science" to conceive and raise him. She was killed but was recently brought back from the dead unbeknownest to Genis.


Appeared in: Issues #15, 16

Captain Marvel's evil twin clone future self from an alternate reality, he was trapped in a cocoon of some sort and sent to the Microverse by an alternate Reed Richards. He was subsequently released by Drax who was being controlled by Psycho-Man. He had much more control over his powers than Genis, but was still defeated by him in the end.

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