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Grendel's mother | Hulk | Hyssta "Captain Marvel" | Intelligentsia | Kelly | Lilias | Lorenzo (Larry) | Lyla | Maestro | The Magus | Marionette | Merlin

Grendel's mother

Appeared in: Issues #20, 21

The legendary beast out of Beowulf, she was released by Merlin so that she could lead him to the Holy Grail. She refused, and with the help of an agent, has taken up a professional wrestling career.


Appeared in: Issues #2, 3, 31 (as Joe Fixit in a flashback)

Bruce Banner was irradiated by gamma radiation after shoving Rick Jones out of the way while on the test site of an experimental bomb. He is transformed into one of several Hulk personas during times of trauma. The Hulk ran into Marlo and Lorraine in the Canadian woods while they were shooting a mockumentary, and was instrumental in defeating the Lorenzo / Wendigo entity.

Hyssta "Captain Marvel"

Appeared in: Issue #1

A member of a giant snake-like species originating from an alternate reality, he was pulled into the 616 universe by Kelly. In a fight with Genis he was trapped in a tar pit and died.


Appeared in: Issues #8 - 10

The Skrull equivalent of the Supreme Intelligence, she sent the Super-Skrull to Earth to destroy Kelly. He ignored these directives and brought Kelly to the Intelligentsia, hoping to use her as a weapon for the Skrull Empire. This proved a moot point however, when Kelly simply "wished away" her abilities.


Appeared in: Issues #4 - 10

A young girl who was given reality-warping abilities when she was conceived near the Nexus of All Realities, making her a walking nexus of sorts. She was responsible for pulling the Hyssta into the 616 universe, and was brought to the Intelligentsia by the Super-Skrull, who hoped to use her as a weapon for the Skrull Empire. Just as the Silver Surfer was about to destroy her, Rick convinced her to "wish away" her abilities. It now appears that her younger sister has these reality-warping powers.


Appeared in: Issues #22, 24

The daughter of King Timhoep on the planet Qarn in the Microverse. She offers herself (and many others) to Rick during his time as an old man because her people believe that the old are very wise in the ways of love-making.

Lorenzo (Larry)

Appeared in: Issues #1, 2 (as himself and Wendigo), 3 (as Wendigo and a fish)

Pretending to be a film maker, Larry hired Marlo and Lorraine to work on a mockumentary in the Canadian woods. He killed Lorraine, took a bite out of her, and with the help of years of study and a magic talisman, was able to control the curse of the Wendigo. His consciousness was transferred into the body of a fish when Marlo threw the talisman into a lake.


Appeared in: Issue #28 (future)

Miguel O'Hara's computer-generated apartment monitor in the year 2099, she's somewhat naive and is usually more of an annoyance than a help.


Appeared in: Issues #29, 30 (both future)

An evil, future version of the Hulk, Thanatos required some objects in his possession to fulfill his own plans. Starfox stole them while the Maestro was battling Captain Marvel and Spider-Man 2099, but after Thanatos was defeated, the energies unleashed returned him to his proper time.

The Magus

Appeared in: Issues #19 (future), 32

The anti version of Adam Warlock, he orchestrates a plan to kidnap all of Genis' friends and use them against him to steal Genis' life force.


Appeared in: Issues #6, 7, 12, 15, 16

A member of the Microns, they met up with Captain Marvel when Visalia fooled Drax into working for her. Mari tricked her along with their former teammate Dexam and left them to the mercy of the people they deceived. The Microns next met up with Genis when Psycho-Man used Drax to release Fredd.


Appeared in: Issues #11, 16 (off panel), 20, 21

A wizard who opened a comic book store in LA so that he could spill the blood of a hundred virgins and release Grendel's mother. She refused to lead him to the Holy Grail, and shortly thereafterwards Genis deflected his own spell back at him, trapping him in places unknown.

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