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Gabriel O'Hara | Psycho-Man | Arcturus Rann | Red Knight | Ronan the Accuser | Jackie Shorr | Silver Surfer | Songbird | Spider-Man 2099 | Starfox | Steck'ee | Tyler Stone | Super-Skrull | Supreme Intelligence

Gabriel O'Hara

Appeared in: Issues #28, 29 (both future)

The brother of Spider-Man in the year 2099, he's mistaken for Spider-Man by Starfox after they followed his ion trail back to his and Miguel's apartment.


Appeared in: Issues #13, 15, 16

The former chief scientist of the planet Traan in the Microverse, he uses an emotion-manipulating device to instill fear, doubt or hatred in his subjects. He took an interest in Drax, who he used to break open a mysterious cocoon revealing Fredd. He was defeated along with Fredd by Captain Marvel, and lost his control over Drax.

Arcturus Rann

Appeared in: Issues #6, 7, 12, 15, 16

The leader of the Microns, they first met Captain Marvel when Visalia fooled Drax into working for her. The Microns next met up with Genis when Psycho-Man used Drax to release Fredd.

Red Knight

Appeared in: Issues #16 (as himself and a bird), 20, 21

He came to LA seeking revenge for what Merlin had done to him but was turned into a bird. He was taken in by Marlo after being hit by a truck. The spell on him was broken when Merlin was defeated by Captain Marvel.

Ronan the Accuser

Appeared in: Issues #22 - 25

The Supreme Public Accuser of the Kree Empire (now the Ruul), he encountered Captain Marvel when Genis went to the Kree homeworld seeking the Supreme Intelligence's help. At this time, it was revealed that he was a former lover of Una-Rogg, whom he subsequently banished after she was forced to aid captain Marvel in his mission.

Jackie Shorr

Appeared in: Issues #23, 28 - 30, 32

Some nutcase who thinks she's Rick's mother, she ran into Lorraine in a diner and killed her shortly afterwards. After several failed attempts to kill Marlo she was thrown from a balcony by Moondragon and Lorraine.

Silver Surfer

Appeared in: Issues #8 - 11

The former herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer now roams space freely. He was summonned by Kelly when the Super-Skrull was pursuing her. However, he would have destroyed Kelly himself if not for the intervention of Rick Jones who convinced Kelly to simply "wish away" her abilities.


Appeared in: Issue #19 (future)

Not a guest star per se, in a possible future she will fall in love with Genis, get married, and have all kinds of cutesy-wutesy little babies. Right now, she's a member of that oft-misunderstood team of heroes, the Thunderbolts.

Spider-Man 2099

Appeared in: Issues #27 - 30 (all future)

Miguel O'Hara was a scientist working for Alchemax when he was given the abilities of a spider in an experiment gone wrong. He ran into Starfox and Genis when they plopped into the year 2099. They later followed his ion trail to his apartment where we learned that Starfox has to deliver Captain Marvel to Thanatos or else he's dead. He was transported to the Maestro's timeline along with Genis by Thanatos. After Thanatos was defeated, the energies unleashed returned him to his proper time.


Appeared in: Issues #19 (future), 27 (present and future), 28 - 30 (all future), 32

An Eternal from Titan and a member of the Avengers with a reputation as one of the greatest lovers in the galaxy. Eros was Mar-Vell's best friend and helped with raising Genis. He recently appeared on Earth after he was attacked by Thanatos and started leaking temporal energy. After Thanatos was defeated, the energies unleashed returned him to his proper time and in one piece again.


Appeared in: Issue #32

An old romanic interest of Genis' from the city of Halvacenter on the planet Calculex, she was kidnapped by the Magus to be used in his plans against Genis.

Tyler Stone

Appeared in: Issues #28, 29 (both future)

The head of the Alchemax Corporation in 2099, he's had many dealings with Spider-Man and Thanatos. When a time platform is pulled out of "virtual unreality" Thanatos shows up for it, hoping to end civilization as we know it.


Appeared in: Issues #8 - 10

Bio-engineered to mimic the abilities of the Fantastic Four, he was sent to Earth by the Intelligentsia to destroy Kelly. He ignored these directives and brought Kelly to the Intelligentsia, hoping to use her as a weapon for the Skrull Empire. This proved a moot point however, when Kelly simply "wished away" her abilities.

Supreme Intelligence

Appeared in: Issues #23 - 25

A massive computer which rules the Kree Empire (now the Ruul), it is composed of the brains of the greatest Kree minds. When Rick had been aged by Walker, Genis went to the Kree homeworld seeking the Supreme Intelligence's help. Supremor sent him on an errand into the Negative Zone to retrieve radiation which could aid Rick Jones. The technique seemingly worked, although it had a delayed affect.

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