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Thanatos | Thanos | Thor | King Timhoep | Una-Rogg | Visalia | Walker | The Wannabe John | Wendigo | Zey-Rogg| Zoog


Appeared in: Issues #27, 28 - 30 (all future)

Believed to be a disembodied malevolent spirit it turned out he was actually an older version of Rick Jones. Using magic and science, he attempted to become the template for all Rick Jones throughout the multiverse but was stopped by the Collector and turned into a brick.


Appeared in: Issues #17 - 19

An Eternal from Titan who is in love with Death. When Death ticked the death god Walker off he decided to destroy her. She hid herself in Marlo at Thanos' request. Thanos recruited Thor and Captain Marvel to aid him against Walker but ultimately Death was able to defend herself.


Appeared in: Issues #17 - 19

The Norse God of Thunder and wielder of the legendary hammer Mjolnir. He was recruited by Thanos to help out with defeating Walker.

King Timhoep

Appeared in: Issues #24, 25

The ruler of the planet Qarn in the Microverse, where its people believe that the old are very wise in the ways of love-making.


Appeared in: Issues #12, 13, 23 - 25

The daughter of the original Captain Marvel's enemy Yon-Rogg, she was exiled on Earth during Maximum Security. Unlike most Kree women, she was not psychically mutilated at a young age (thanks to her father faking her records), and could thus give and receive pleasure. She could also drain the life-energy outta people, and was using this ability on Genis when Marlo stepped in. She was cut in her fight with Marlo, and the Bloodhounds took her back to the Kree homeworld to perform the operation. Her life-draining abilities were removed, and after running around the Negative Zone with Captain Marvel, she was banished from the Kree homeworld.


Appeared in: Issues #5, 6

An enchantress who was trying to take control of a planet, she was using Drax to help achieve this end. She was tricked by Marionette and utimately left to the mercy of the people she tried to deceive.


Appeared in: Issues #17, 18

A death god worshipped in a far-away galaxy, Death became smitten with him but turned her back on him shortly afterwards. This ticked him off, and he decided to destroy her. She hid herself in Marlo at Thanos' request. When Walker was aging Rick, Death revealed herself and destroyed Walker.

The Wannabe John

Appeared in: Issues #8, 12

Mistaking both Moondragon and Una-Rogg to be prostitutes, after only being slapped by Moondragon, he was fried by a kiss from Una-Rogg.


Appeared in: Issue #3

Anyone who eats human flesh in the Canadian wilderness is transformed by a curse into this uncontrollable beast. When Lorenzo ate a piece of Lorraine's arm, he was turned into a controlled form of the Wendigo, and the current Wendigo was tranformed back into a human. But much to his horror and disappointment (not to mention the people who found him, those poor schmucks) he was transformed back into the Wendigo after Marlo broke Lorenzo's spell.


Appeared in: Issues #12, 13

The son of the original Captain Marvel's enemy Yon-Rogg, he was exiled on Earth during Maximum Security. He started a fight with Genis at Marlo's comic shop, but was transported to the Microverse and shot at by a firing squad meant for Rick. Presumably he's still there.


Appeared in: Issue #32

An old friend of Genis' from the city of Halvacenter on the planet Calculex, she informs him that his friend Steck'ee has been kidnapped and is assumed dead.

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